We are professionals with decades of experience covering TV news and sports, producing feeds for point-to-point “unicasting” and multicast streaming of corporate, educational and medical events.
We produce broadcast quality, live and delayed satellite feeds of events
for television, large screen presentations, and multicasting.
We can help insert video clips in your Website, or coordinate third-party host “multi-access” streaming so viewers around the globe can watch your presentation live, or play it back afterward. We also ship uncompressed files on HDDs, and send them via ftp or “drop box” sites at slower-than-real-time Internet speeds, for quick editing turnaround at your end. We deliver the highest industry standard services for on-air television and corporate web / intranet sites.
Sending video via internet or between computers, live or delayed, from single or multiple cameras.
Sending video by satellite and/or other broadcast quality links.
Live events can be enhanced with viewer feedback, e.g. audience questions posed to presenters via high-quality 2-way video & audio, or 1-way video + 2-way audio satellite links. With Internet streaming this is done by posting text messages on the host Website. We also organise teleconferencing for 2-way visual contact.
“Best Effort”
The quality of data streaming is dependent on the Internet "pipeline." Data rates and stability drop during times of peak demand, so no-one can guarantee perfect video at the receive end. This is why streaming companies only promise "best effort" service. But we make no excuses. We aim for the best possible results, with high calibre equipment at the transmit end, and fail-safes such as "redundancy" and backup recordings.
JapanStream offers a wide range of professional recording
and transmission services to meet your needs and budget.